Green Papilio - Sustainability Solutions

Founded in 2011 Green Papilio is built on the principles of providing a professional and reliable service.   Our independence has established our credibility in this industry, which allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.

As a highly experienced sustainability practitioner, Jacqueline Gibson (Green Papilio Director) is familiar with establishing companywide sustainable business approaches that encompasses good environmental, social and economically viable practices and principles.

Typically this involves being creative to seek and actively promote ways for organisations to adopt UK and wider EU sustainability agendas and strategies.

Jacqueline's specialties include:
• Corporate Sustainability Consultancy
• Conservation Skills Assessment
• Flora & Fauna identification & surveys
• Environmental Science
• Sustainability Project leadership
• Site supervisor
• Community Engagement & Regeneration
• Biodiversity Management
• International Wildlife Protection
• Third world Development
• Autocad / Microsoft / GIS / Photoshop
• Negotiation and Presentation Skills
• Construction Processes Refinement

Jacqueline Gibson